Products: Concrete Additives or Supplies


Colour: Swanson’s carries a wide selection of Davis Colours. Visit our office to see our Colour Samples & Colour Charts.
Uniseal: (also known as Cure and Seal) used to seal the concrete within the first 24 hours of pouring
Unigloss/High Gloss Sealer: use 28 days after pouring the concrete.
Unisol F Spray: a Horizontal retarder
Unisol SP: a Vertical Retarder
White Out: Dissolves solvent based acrylic sealers
Shark Grip: Slip resistant additive, Shark Grip is added to Sealers to add “Grip” to the finished surface of concrete
Resolve: Sealer Remover
Release/Clear or Colour: Parting agent for stampcrete imprinting (gives a layered, colouring effect)
Hardener/Colour: used to make the surface of concrete more durable
Matte Magic: Used with Unigloss and is a Gloss Reducing Additive
Accelerator: accelerates setting time and increases early strength
Plasticizer: are essentially high-range water reducers added to concrete with a low to normal slump and water-cementing materials ratio to make high slump flowing concrete
Delvo (stabilizer): is a retarding admixture used to delay the setting rate of concrete

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