Mix Designs

Swanson’s Ready-Mix Ltd. will work with our customers to design concrete mixes to meet their specific project requirements. Swanson’s will work with Project Engineers, Contractors and Homeowners to achieve the required concrete results and technical specifications. Bring us your plans and our knowledgeable staff will go over them with you.


Estimating Concrete Volume

Our Dispatcher will gladly take your measurements over the phone and estimate the quantity of concrete you need. Having trouble with measuring your forms? We will gladly send an estimator to your site to measure your forms and advise you of the concrete you need (including any special requirements he might feel would be advisable for your project and site). If required, he will advise you on what strength or type of concrete may be applicable to your project and situation.



We can help you to find the type of aggregate needed to start or finish a project, such as constructing a base, topping a driveway, backfilling your foundation or adding to your landscape. Our staff will help you get the correct product to do the job and estimate the amount of aggregate you need.


Concrete Products

Swanson’s Ready-Mix Ltd. staff will look at your plans or will gladly come to your site and help you with your concrete product needs. With the many shapes and different esthetic finishes of our lock block products, there is much to think about when planning a retaining wall to suit your Project.



One of the most important decisions that can affect a project is site access. It is important for Suppliers to know your site access and its limits. Swanson’s Ready-Mix Ltd. has a diverse cross-section of truck sizes. One of our staff will gladly come to your site, whether for concrete, aggregate or concrete products delivery and work with you to determine how to access your site, what trucks will fit and whether you may need a pump truck for concrete delivery.